Julian Fellowes Julian Fellowes

Going through Downton Abbey withdrawal? Unfortunately, Mister Bates, the Dowager Countess and O'Brien won't be back for a third season on PBS until next January, but ABC hopes you'll bide that time by tuning in this spring to Titanic, the next project from Downton creator Julian Fellowes.

Like Downton, Fellowes' take on the Titanic will focus on the divide between the upper and lower classes as he looks at the doomed ship's final hours. U.K. broadcaster ITV will air the four-hour miniseries in April, timed to the 100th anniversary of the tragedy. But at press time, ABC was still deciding whether to run the miniseries in April — and risk being drowned out by other anniversary events including the rerelease of James Cameron's feature, in 3-D — or wait until May.

Either way, it was a stroke of good fortune that ABC found itself with the rights to the next project from the writer behind what's suddenly one of TV's hottest shows. Now that Downton's swimming in such buzz, ABC may want to take extra care that Titanic doesn't sink.

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