Robert Downey Jr. faces no jail time related to his drug arrest on Tuesday. The actor — currently in detox at a Los Angeles-area rehab center — is expected to spend six months at a live-in drug treatment facility. "We're not going to put him back in prison for this," a spokesman for the California Department of Corrections said. "We're going to treat him like any other parolee. He's not getting any preferential treatment. Like any other parolee, we want him to get off the drugs." Meanwhile, Ally McBeal's co-producer, 20th Century Fox, denies Downey was fired from the show. "It was not anything as severe as terminating his employment or letting him go," a rep told

Reuters. "It really came down to a practical matter of how to finish [the season] without the actor. He did film several scenes before his arrest, and we are working on ways to incorporate those scenes." Meanwhile, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Ally creator David E. Kelley was "furious" at having to rewrite the show's two-part finale, which will air May 14 and 21.