Another double whammy of repeats. First, we found out what Ana Lucia's deal was and got to see how the other islanders didn't exactly welcome with open arms the woman who killed Shannon. Then we got to see what Kate did to put herself on the run in the first place and why she ended up on the path to self-destruction. Oh, and there was that awesome Kate-and-Jack kiss and the really pretty horse. It's interesting to have these two episodes paired together because there are a lot of similarities between Kate and Ana Lucia. Both of them are strong women who have had some problems with either obeying the law or enforcing the law. They both also have a lot to be angry about in their lives and seem to be excellent at keeping secrets. Even though Kate is arguably the real "outlaw" for torching her step dad and robbing a bank, and Ana Lucia just has some anger-management issues, it's still easier to like Kate. Perhaps it is the big doe eyes and softer demeanor, but I still find myself wanting to try to warm up to Ana Lucia. Maybe that should be my New Year's resolution.