Prepare to be slimed like it's 1989.

Nickelodeon announced Wednesday that it's reviving the iconic '80s and '90s kids' game show Double Dare. The network has ordered 40 episodes of the series, to premiere in the summer.

Originally running (under various titles like Family Double Dare and Super Slimy Double Dare) from 1986 to 1993, the Marc Summers-hosted show had families compete at trivia and physical challenges before making it to the grand finale: running through a messy obstacle course that culminated in pulling a slimy snot-covered flag out of a giant disembodied nose. It ruled, which is why the revival will keep the format.

Double Dare was briefly revived in 2000 for a version called Double Dare 2000, and in 2016 Nick at Nite reunited the gang for a 30th anniversary reunion special, as well as a live edition at San Diego Comic-Con.

The revival will feature appearances from "blasts from the past" and "stars from today." Hopefully the "blasts from the past" include Danny Tamberelli, the iconic '90s Nickelodeon star from Pete & Pete, All That and Figure It Out. And it'll be really cute when grown-ups who competed on the show when they were kids return to compete with kids of their own.

In 2016, Nickelodeon sort of revived one of its other beloved '90s game shows, Legends of the Hidden Temple, for a scripted TV movie, but this is its first full-on game show reboot.

It's nostalgic, sure, but Double Dare should have never gone off the air in the first place. It should be like Jeopardy.