Now, I don't normally watch this show   I mean usually I'm watching Lost and by 10 pm I'm spent, for one reason or another, and have no patience for more questions or creepy people. Well, I did tune in for the one where they find out the doctor's blood resembles a whale's or dolphin's then she started, like, breathing underwater or something. I was intrigued then, I'll admit, but after tonight it is apparent that Sheriff William Fichtner really has something to be shady about, and that we're gonna have to start seeing some aliens pretty soon. 

Actually, the creepy thing is what gets me. And the longer they don't show aliens, the longer the show lasts. Odd little girls that have tea parties on the banks of swamps are what make a series extend on forever. That whole Survivor Support thing at the church during a lightning storm? Weird but I wanted more. And Eddie Cibrian, that must have sucked watching your ex-wife and mother of your children walking into that place. Then we learn that Chief Creep, the sheriff, is not only a survivor of a previous plane crash, but the "sole survivor." Whatever. Back to the good doctor, as we all know, any good show nowadays has to have a good doctor. Or an evil doctor. I guess alien doctor, too, which doesn't imply evil. That's not what I'm saying. Either way, I'm still trying to decide if Kari Matchett is hot or not even mildly attractive. New wife Lisa Sheridan is hot, but you can't just walk around a military base like that, especially on TV. Those scenes were kind of embarrassing. See you at the next creep-off. Darren Sirkin

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