Donald Trump can stick another feather in his "Make America Great Again" cap for his latest memorable campaign moment: a Twitter backfire.

Trump visited Twitter's New York offices on Monday to host an #AskTrump Q&A session, and the questions were probably not exactly what he was looking for. From comments about his hair, his opinions of Mexicans and his winning personality, it was clear that some potential voters are less-than-impressed with him.

Some of our favorites:

Donald Trump on The Tonight Show, the good, the bad and the delusional

Of course, comedian Patton Oswalt chimed in with a reality check for those of us too entertained by the barrage of hilarious questions, noting that the hashtag was successful. After all, we're talking about Trump now, aren't we?

And considering Trump's satisfied smirk in this pic with Twitter staff, Oswalt's probably right.

What question would you #AskTrump?

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