Shannen Doherty by Jean-Paul Aussenard/ Shannen Doherty by Jean-Paul Aussenard/

She who brought a really big B to Beverly - um, Brenda, that is - is in talks to return to 90210 in the CW's reboot of the retro sudser. According to EW's Ausiello, Shannen Doherty is considering reprising her role as witchy Ms. Walsh, provided she can OK the story arc beforehand as well as command bi-i-i-ig bucks.

Another potential hitch to this hook-up is Doherty's famously rocky past with some of her BH90210mates, a couple of whom are already lined up for their own CW encores. While one source tells Oz, "There's still some animosity" 'tween SD and Jennie Garth (whose Kelly is now a Bev Hills guidance counselor), Garth herself counters, "A lot of time has passed, and I'm a big girl. I'd have no problem with [Shannen] coming on the show."

What's your take? is Brenda too much for the nascent 90210 to handle? Or is it not the Peach Pit without the brassy brunette? - Matt Mitovich