Does Alias take place in the future? When DeSantis or Renee's father  or whoever cryogenic guy really is woke up, he asked what year it was and they answered 2006. Now by my calendar it is only 2005. It doesn't bother me, I'm just curious. I'm used to unexplained or seemingly implausible events on this show, so a few months doesn't bug me. My little brain is still trying to comprehend that someone was kept alive for over 20 years in a machine, somehow magically cloned or spliced with Renee's dad and then woke up with very few side effects. Sure, there was some bleeding out of the eyes and ears, but not muscle atrophy or anything like that, and he wasn't even deathly pale. That's some machine. I'm sure if it was real, there'd be a line a mile long for people who wanted that treatment on their deathbeds. Is this supposed genius doctor's awakening somehow tied to Sloane's daughter, who is lying in a coma? Did Dean and Co. promise the former SD-6 head honcho a magical cure along with his release in exchange for his CIA access? I don't have answers for those questions at all, but I am so much happier that Sloane isn't stuck in a dingy little cell anymore. He's back in the saddle and screwing over the people who sort of trust him and have stood by him in his time of need. Great way to repay them. But I'd expect no less from him, and actually I really want no less. Be as bad as you wanna be Arvin, I'll keep tuning in for that. On a side note, loved that Marshall's cool spider gadget was named Charlotte, so cute and it just makes me like him all the more. Plus, his little microscopic X-ray machine actually helped with the plan. Even Rachel who might just out-geek Marshall one of these days seemed impressed, or at least bemused.