Woo-hoo, Who fans! In a new blog entry, DVD Guy gives brief thoughts on the death of Doctor Who's original producer - who passed just a day prior to the show's 44th anniversary - and also discusses:

" How current Doctor David Tennant and predecessor Peter Davison met each other in a special episode presented as a charity broadcast in the U.K.
" The 2007 Christmas special with guest star Kylie Minogue (aboard the Titanic, no less!)
" How The Doctor will meet up with Agatha Christie in Season 4.

But nothing (DVD Guy tells me) will grab you more than the news that the Doctor's got a new companion for the whole of the next season, and this time it's his "bride"! Plus, you'll see more of Martha and Captain Jack, and a peek at the anticipated return of Rose Tyler. This info might be old hat to die-hards, but if it's news to you, click here and read on.