Doctor Who Gas-passing aliens insert themselves into the corpulent flesh of high-ranking British government officials as part of a plot to conquer Earth. Wind hasn't broken this often at No. 10 Downing Street since Churchill roamed the corridors. (Lord knows he loved his brandy.) As someone who associates flatulence with Benny Hill

routines, I was a little surprised at the sudden low-brow direction this otherwise wonderful show had taken. But what a doozy of a plot twist the spaceship that crashed in the Thames was a setup (that poor pig creature!) concocted by the aliens, who burst out of their human shells to consume their prey via a zipper in the forehead. That guy who fell out of the closet looked an awful lot like Tony Blair... seems like a bad omen for the Labour Party to me. As an old-school Whovian, I immediately asked myself where UNIT figured into all of this. Sure enough, reps from around the globe showed up though I was surprised the doctor made no mention of dear old Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. (He did, however, drop the name of David Lloyd George, who could apparently drink the Time Lord under the table). The triple cliff-hanger was in the tradition of classic Who serials: The doctor and UNIT were being zapped; the alien impersonating the leader of MI-5 cornered Rose and a small-town MP; and Rose's mum was about to be consumed by the alien impersonating the superintendent. How is the doctor going to save us this time? Tune in same Who-time, same Who-channel!