Amy Poehler and Hillary Clinton by Dana Edelson/NBC Amy Poehler and Hillary Clinton by Dana Edelson/NBC

One could argue that the cast of Saturday Night Live has made its choice for president pretty clear, but did their comical editorializing actually help Sen. Hillary Clinton win the Texas and Ohio primaries on Tuesday?

" Bitch is the new black!" exhorted SNL guest host Tina Fey on Feb. 23, in a speech that gave Sen. Hillary Clinton the backhanded compliment that "bitches get stuff done." Other sketches have focused on the differing treatment that Clinton and Obama are receiving from the press. In one, CNN anchors get the vapors in the mere presence of Sen. Barack Obama, while in another, NBC's Tim Russert tosses Obama softball questions while relentlessly grilling Clinton on the names of obscure world leaders. Clinton herself even appeared on the show, proving to voters that she could take a joke.

In the face of all that mocking, did the media actually listen and examine Obama more closely? According to a study by the Project for Excellence in Journalism, in the week following Clinton's SNL appearance, 69 percent of stories about the presidential election focused on Obama, the highest percentage any one candidate has received in a single week this year.

What do you think? Has the media been unfair to Hillary? Too soft on Obama? Does McCain feel left out? And, most importantly, has SNL changed your mind about the vote in any way? (Be honest.) - Mickey O'Connor