Did I not say a week ago that someone was going to get hurt over this whole Proposition 14 mess? My god. Blowing up Babylon just to keep Pittsburgh's gays from enjoying the same rights as every other American? It's scary that this isn't so far-fetched, you know? It's also scary that part of me thinks the writers may not let Michael survive the blast. Of course, I understand there are folks out there who feel that using the death of others to make a point is preachy. That's cool. Different strokes. I just happen to think that some serious good can come from this explosive twist. Look, it's already forced Brian finally to tell Justin that he loves him, and has worked wonders for reuniting Mel and Lindsay. But on the other, all-too-real hand, hopefully this sort of story line could open some eyes to the ugliness of intolerance. And if you think that's preachy, tell it to a New Yorker. Or a Pentagon employee. Or a Londoner. Or even an Iraqi. Because no matter what your race, religious beliefs or sexual orientation may be, hate has the power to kill. Moms. Dads. Sons. Lovers. Pets. Whoever. And that is the scariest thing of all.