Time to lick that heroine addiction, folks. Not only is Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar expected to hang up her wooden stakes at the end of this season, but, since the WB has grounded Birds of Prey, tonight's episode (airing at 9 ET) very well may be the comic-book drama's last. But don't chalk up the disheartening turn of events as a victory for small-screen big bads. What cooked Birds' goose was more likely the been here, done this vibe that viewers got from watching Ashley Scott — as Helena Kyle, aka the Huntress — go through the motions that once made Buffy our Chosen One. Consider the facts. — Ben Katner


Battle strategy: Trades one-liners as well as blows with Sunnydale's creatures of the night.

Subtitute parent: Leaned on her Watcher, ex-high school librarian Giles (alter ego: Ripper), following mom Joyce's demise.

Teen tag-along: Can't help but snicker watching apprentice Slayer Dawn learn to wield a stake.

Hip hangout: Mixes it up on the dance floor of the Bronze.

Underground haunt: Gets dirt by putting the hurt on Willie, the proprietor of the supernatural saloon Willie's Place.

Forbidden love: Rebuffs enamored Spike because he's a blood-sucker.


Battle strategy: Cracks jokes in addition to ribs with New Gotham's forces of darkness.

Substitute parent: Lived with her guardian, high school teacher Barbara (alias: Oracle), after mom Catwoman's death.

Teen tag-along: Barely stifles guffaws upon seeing wannabe crime-fighter Dinah try to hurl a birdarang.

Hip hangout: Mixes drinks behind the bar at the Dark Horse.

Underground haunt: Gets gossip by playing the flirt with Gibson, the owner of the metahuman pub No Man's Land.

Forbidden love: Pushes away intrigued Reese because she's half metahuman.