Did the artist inking Michael's tattoo ever wonder what the heck he was creating? I mean "English, Fitz and Percy" seems like a pretty random thing to have permanently penned on your skin. I gotta figure most people ask for Mom, a girlfriend's name or, if you are David Banner, your home state. So doesn't your average tattoo artist think twice about an elaborate ink job like this? I know it's just one of those leaps of faith that I've got to take. I'll go along with it, but sometimes I can't help but wonder about all these little questions when I'm bored by watching Veronica try to figure out how to get Lincoln a stay of execution. I'm sorry, but watching her leads get destroyed every week just isn't exciting. And her staring into the closet thinking the guy who was helping her was actually siding with the bad guys? That made me laugh out loud. But watching the weird pieces come together, like finding out what exactly a "Fitz" was and worrying that Michael was going to get busted for his rooftop excursion, makes this show worthwhile. I just hope that the writers are able to keep up this pace with Logan's impending death hanging over their heads and timing being so key. Oh, and if they could possibly cut down on Veronica time and make more room for the crazyish guy with the adorable cat, that would be cool, too. Hey, look, I made it through a whole column on Prison Break without commenting on how pretty Wentworth is... d'oh.