Twitch Boss, Katee Shean, Courtney Galliano and Joshua Allen by Kelsey McNeal/Fox Twitch Boss, Katee Shean, Courtney Galliano and Joshua Allen by Kelsey McNeal/Fox
SPOILER ALERT: Don't read this if you don't want to know the results of Thursday's So You Think You Can Dance finale. The final week of

So You Think You Can Dance's Season 4 saw Twitch Boss' big smiles and krumping style face off against Joshua Allen's power jumps and hip-hop showmanship. Each week brought Courtney Galiano's steady improvement matched up against wildly versatile Katee Shean. In the end, though, America chose Joshua as their champion. Joshua's success, and the presence of hip-hopper Twitch in the Top 4, set a new precedent for hip-hop dancers on the show. "I hope that [now street dancers] will know that they can learn all these different steps and come on [

So You Think You Can Dance] and possibly win," choreographer Shane Sparks told after the results were announced. "I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of other dancers come on this show, get their training in,...and represent." Joshua - users' pick to win - came in with no formal training. But his highly technical hip-hop moves convinced the judges to send him to Vegas for the first callbacks of the season. He's held his own in every genre, even pulling off technical Russian dancing and power jumps during Wednesday's show (and he did it in bright blue Hammer pants). Basking in his big moment, Joshua said it still hadn't hit him. "I've been up and down all day," he said. "I've been so happy about performing because this is the last show; today's been crazy." Ever the grateful victor, he shared the spotlight with runner-up Twitch. "For two hip-hop dancers to be in the final two was amazing," he said. Despite the rivalry that might seem to invite, Joshua said they're cool. "We told each other, no matter who wins, a hip-hop person is taking it. You don't know what we go through. We literally cry, we sweat together. We're all a family." Katee almost didn't make it in the final competition when it came down to her and her best friend, who also auditioned. A re-vote got her in the Top 20, and she soon mastered modern pop routines and even a theatrical number on a boat. In the past week, she's elicited Mary's special scream and inspired Dance boss Nigel Lythgoe to call her one of the most versatile dancers on the show. Looking glamorous in a body-hugging, belted dress and heels, Katee won a surprise $50,000 prize during the finale for being the top female dancer. "I am so overwhelmed. It's so exciting that we're all here," she said. "We really got to live on that stage tonight. But at the same time it's bittersweet because I don't want it to be over." And what about that on-camera chemistry with Joshua? "You don't need to be in love with someone to connect," she teased. Twitch and Courtney lacked technical chops, but made the final four through grit and hard work. Following the last performance show, Nigel said that the hip-hopper brings "so much humor" to the stage - so much that some audience members wore his huge, signature glasses to the final performance show. Twitch shared Josh's goodwill. "When they announced Josh's name, I think I was as happy as if they'd announced my name," he insisted. "Because it transcended more than money. I hope that inspired all hip-hoppers to transcend a box because there is no box. There are no limits." So what's next for Twitch? "I'm just going to chill at home," he said. "I don't have any plans because everything's been so planned for us for 10 weeks." Cat Deeley told that Courtney has "improved leaps and bounds." The praise was perfect for a contestant who said in her first audition comments that she wanted to grow throughout the show. As the winner, Joshua is now the proud recipient of $250,000 and a part in Adam Shankman's next movie. "I was one of the guys who put Josh through to Dallas. So I was there from day one," Shankman said after the finale, seeming pleased with the results. "He had an enormous amount of talent and raw energy. But I never imagined he could get through all of the ballroom and contemporary. I mean, I hoped, but you can't know. It's amazing." Winning the nationally televised competition can be a major springboard for the aspiring dancer. Past champs have started a dance company, starred in music videos and written a dance movie. So what's next for Josh? "I'm moving to LA and paying off my car!" he said. So what do you think? Do you agree with Joshua's win? Or did your favorite get served? - Anna Dimond