Desperate Housewives Tonight's episode was entitled "Everybody Says Don't," but the song title that came to mind during Lynette's deposition was "That's What Friends Are For." Definitely my favorite scene. How great that Lynette went to bat for her friend Bree, lying under oath because she knew Andrew was an even bigger liar. Best line was Lynette's, after Andrew's lawyer asked her, "Do I need to remind you about the potential consequences of perjury?" "No, you don't. In fact, I hate liars," she replied as she turned and glared at Andrew. Felicity Huffman

just keeps showcasing exactly why she got all those acting nominations and awards. But the other person who deserves just as many accolades is Marcia Cross. Love her! I knew it was an act of desperation when she went to that bar and got drunk  anything to get the attention of her new conquest/recently former AA sponsor Peter, played by Lee Tergeson. Anyone who used to enjoy the WB show Popular remembers Diane Delano, the actress who plays Donna, Bree's new sponsor. Boy, do I miss seeing her on TV, so I hope she comes back. But getting back to Peter, the fact that he's also a member of Sex Addicts Anonymous just makes it even more interesting. I also enjoyed when Felicia caused Paul to leave the party after telling everyone, "You're in the company of a murderer," and even better were all the scenes given to the underused Nicollette Sheridan. How cool is it that Karl still loves Susan? I found the whole Gaby and Carlos surrogate-baby story line just silly and not in a good way. Come on  running out of the hospital, stealing the baby? We must wait two weeks until the next episode, and I have five words for you: Carol Burnett as Bree's stepmother.