Peter MacNicol and Bill Nye, <EM>Numbers</EM> Peter MacNicol and Bill Nye, Numbers
Desperate Housewives I've been on cloud nine all week since the Golden Globe nominations were announced. Finally, my Eva Longoria

got a nomination! At last, all four of the main Housewives got nominated for something. Now, if only my Nicollette Sheridan

could get a best-supporting-actress nom, I'll truly be happy. Let's throw in Alfre Woodard while we're at it. This repeat showed us just why the three I just mentioned, plus Marcia Cross, Teri Hatcher and Felicity Huffman, should get nominated for, or win, every acting award there is. It was fun to revisit all the early melodrama involved with the aftermath of Rex's death, before Bree found out the truth about George. Speaking of George, I just saw a preview of the movie version of The Producers and for those of you who, like me, never saw Roger Bart as the very gay Carmen Ghia in the stage version, you'll be astounded, since Roger is married with children in real life. Married to a woman. That's what you call amazing acting. OK, back to the show. My four favorite things I enjoyed seeing again: Bree slapping Phyllis (the brilliant Shirley Knight), Betty telling Susan the noise inside the house was her son Matthew just as Matthew walks by, Lynette paying homage to the dead rat in the trash, and Edie in her red oh-so-Roller Boogie outfit. Shut up.