Desperate Housewives Awesome episode that stressed the importance of family. Loved that Lynette got her wish and now has day care at work. How great was Penelope Ann Miller

as the boss' wife? Her line to Lynette packed a punch: "Why did you have kids if you weren't going to raise them?" Susan got her

wish and got closer to her real father. I said last week how much I loved Joyce Van Patten. Can you see why? That scene in the supermarket was phenomenal "Be careful. He's going to break your heart." Nothing was funnier than Edie driving by and seeing the word "whore" spray-painted on Susan's garage door. "Hello, Edie. Do you have something you'd like to say?" Edie: "No that pretty much says it all." Shut up! And how about Bree walking out of George's house with such poise, followed closely by the cops carrying the life-size Bree doll? I'm glad she told her son the truth about how George died, but, of course, he's going to hold that against her. Speaking of holding something against someone, Mike threatening Paul not to leave town with Zach made for very interesting mutual blackmail cases. Then there's Betty, who successfully snuck Caleb out of the mental institution, but right in front of the dude from Scanners Michael Ironside. Finally, I love seeing Gabrielle so jealous of Carlos and Sister "Our Lady of the perpetual stick up her butt" Mary's time together. Best line was Gabrielle to Sister Mary: "I may be a Catholic, but I am so not above slapping a nun." I was thinking they had better not kill off Carlos since Gabrielle tricked him into getting the vaccination, but it looks like he'll be OK. It'd be too soon for yet another freakish death on this show.   Dave Anderson

Grey's Anatomy

Memo to ABC we like the theme song, so why skip over it? "Nobody knows where we might end up. Nobody knows...." Am I alone iin this? Anyway, four out of the five quints made it and I loved that it was Meredith who thought to put two of the quints together in the same incubator, thus saving the day, even impressing Bailey. But poor Izzie what an unfortunate lesson to learn. At least Addison's tough-love mission was accomplished. George pining away at Meredith is cracking me up, but I could've done without that shot of him leering at Meredith and Derek while they were standing next to each other all smiley and friendly. As usual, great guest stars tonight. Margaret Welsh (hilarious on Jake in Progress) did an intensely effective job as Dorie, the mother of the quints. Timothy Bottoms kicked butt as the guy with the skin melanomas. PETA will adore that he wanted to keep as pets the leeches that were used in his treatment. Of course, George had to compare Alex to a leech when talking with Olivia. Rosanna Arquette has been a "Special Guest Star" on several shows and never disappoints. Her line to Cristina "I only murdered three people and none of them were doctors" killed me because of Sandra Oh's priceless facial expression. Cristina had lots of zingers tonight. "Sleep with a snake, you get bit" and "Hell hath no fury like a girl who's non-boyfriend screws a nurse" were funny enough. Then she topped herself when she said to Izzie: "You're not going to have a nervous breakdown and kill yourself are you?" Izzie: "No." Cristina: "So there's no chance you'll kill us?" Izzie walks out. George: "That was wrong on so many levels." Cristina: "But so good." George: "That was that was good." Just like the episode.   Dave Anderson

Sleeper Cell
Much like this summer's Showtime drama Weeds, Sleeper Cell explores what can lurk just below the radar in an average community. With daily news reports of terrorist threats and terrorist acts flooding the airwaves nowadays, it is hard not to think about terrorism as a constant danger here in the States. But it's a wee bit unsettling to watch a group of terrorists frolic in the park with kids at a birthday party. While this series, which is airing more like a miniseries, with four episodes this week and four next, got off to a bit of a slow start, it ended with a brutal scene that will keep me tuning in for the next installment. The disturbing image of that doting father, whose biggest concern early on was keeping his young daughter away from boys, being buried alive up to his neck and then beaten with stones was graphic. And Darwyn (played by Barbershop guy Michael Ealy) has an intense blue-eyed stare that is ordinarily the stuff of my dreams, but his haunted look after he put the final bullet in Bobby was enough to give me nightmares. I wonder if this undercover agent will make it through the next two weeks alive.   Angel Cohn