Desperate Housewives How appropriate that the episode started with a neighborhood-watch meeting and ended with Caleb finally getting captured. If it were a daytime soap, we'd get a voice-over that said, "The role of Caleb is now being played by Nashawn Kearse." Loved how Betty gestured to Caleb to "shoosh" as he was driven away. Speaking of driving away, let's talk about what a loon George is he's even loonier than Bree, stealing that guy's valet ticket and then torching the dude's car. Bree should've listened to that Leila woman's earlier warnings, but thankfully Bree called off the engagement. Gabrielle actually showed some warmth for a change, releasing that red balloon and telling that ex-con the names she had chosen for her baby before the miscarriage. Then there's Lynette asking the office assistant to kidnap her twins just to prove a point to her hubby. Where was the other son? For a while it was just the other son and they never showed the twins. Yes, I'm sure the character was at school, but something tells me the producers feel "less is more" when it comes to shooting scenes with kids. Last but certainly not least, there's Susan. I already love that

Lesley Ann Warren is her mother and Bob Newhart is now her stepfather, but how cool is it that Paul Dooley is her real father? So Susan's father wasn't in the Marines and she was conceived after her mother had a one-night stand with a married man. Oh, the scandal. Can't wait till next week when Susan meets her real father and George serenades Bree with "Don't Give Up on Us" by David Soul, a song I have totally performed at a karaoke bar. Yes, I said it.  Dave Anderson

Grey's Anatomy
Who knew that Meredith would be the one to help Derek move on and go back to being intimate with Addison? How very adult of "miserable diseased dirty ex-mistress" Meredith to be so supportive. Luckily it helped her own sanity and confidence, since she met that new guy at the end. Loved that she asked if he was a doctor. Other highlights of this thankfully non-"very special" Thanksgiving episode:
- So great to see Burke being social and cordial ("call me Preston"), as well as being such a good cook.
- Brian Kerwin was extremely effective as the guy who woke up after being a vegetable for 16 years. How horrible for him to find out his wife got remarried and is pregnant, but I liked that he wanted to hear this news from Meredith.
- I could somewhat relate to my favorite character, George, since he has a dad and two brothers who he doesn't have much in common with. (My dad and two brothers are very much into sports and I'm so not). But in the end (no pun intended since his dad got shot in the butt), I could also relate since we got to see that they still love and support each other. Best line was George to Izzie when he finally showed up: "Today, I committed bird murder and I was forced to touch my dad's ass. I get extra credit for showing up at all."
- Glad Alex opened up to Meredith and told her he failed his medical boards. Hopefully he'll tell Izzie soon, too.
- Too funny that Bailey didn't let that temporary attending physician know she was "the Nazi" his face at the end was priceless.
- Cristina not being able to do Thanksgiving without liquor hit home for me. What am I bringing to my friend's house for Thanksgiving on Thursday? Beer and wine.   DA