Returns: Sunday, April 13, at 9 pm/ET (ABC) Number of new episodes: 6

Where we left off: When we last saw Wisteria Lane, the neighborhood was in a shambles from the twister. The body count included mayor Victor Lang (John Slattery), boozy Ida Greenberg and psycho-stalker Sylvia Greene. "Now we're going to do the quickest cleanup in tornado history," creator Marc Cherry says. "But the effects of the disaster will linger." What's next: Carlos remains hospitalized after going blind in the storm and pretends it's temporary. "Things get complicated when Gaby shows up with a priest and gets Carlos to marry her," Cherry says. Later, jealous Edie will reveal the truth. But, says Eva Longoria Parker, "As superficial as Gaby is, she might surprise you by standing by her man." Sex, drugs and religion: Old wounds will reopen when Lynette's mad crush Rick (Jason Gedrick) returns. Pill-popping Mike emerges from rehab "and he'll go to everyone he's wronged to ask forgiveness, including Orson," Cherry says. "That triggers a weird response - Orson starts sleepwalking." For more Desperate Housewives preview, pick up TV Guide's Returning Favorites issue. Watch full episodes | Photos | More Returning Favorites coverage