Desperate Housewives So many great moments tonight! Shut up that Paul Young almost got killed by thugs hired by Zach's natural grandfather. Shut up that Kathryn Harrold's character ended up working at the adoption agency, destroying any chance of Gabrielle and Carlos legally adopting a baby. Shut up that Andrew had his boyfriend gay-bash him to set up Bree. Shut up that Bree went to her first AA meeting, but it had to be in a neighborhood where no one would recognize her. Shut up that Tom and Lynette had sex in the elevator at work. And shut up that Dr. Ron said "I love you" to Susan and she, under anesthesia, followed that up with "I love Mike!" Shut up! But can we talk about how funny

Dagney Kerr was as nurse Ruth Ann? You knew that as soon as Karl referred to Susan as his wife, the nurse was going to wreak havoc. She went from Dorothy-the-small-and-meek to calling Susan a "lying, adulterous skank" love her. And how about the look on Felicia's face when Paul got out of the police car all bruised up, approached Felicia, grabbed a macaroon and said, "How did you know I love macaroons?" Such a Twin Peaks kind of moment. Once again, I thought Doug Savant did a fantastic job showing Tom's constant feeling of inferiority around Lynette. You knew he was not havin' it when Lynette suddenly got on top while they were fooling around in bed. My only complaints about tonight's episode: Where was Alfre Woodward? But more importantly: Where was my Nicollette Sheridan? I get caught up in Knots when she's not on. Shut up.