Brenda Strong by Andrew Eccles/ABC Brenda Strong by Andrew Eccles/ABC

Speaking with TV Guide Wednesday night at the Bebe Lingerie Launch Party, Brenda Strong (aka the dearly departed Mary Alice) confirmed that which Ausiello reported a few weeks back: When Desperate Housewives resumes its season in April/May, a significant amount of time will have passed since the Jan. 7 episode. "A lot of storyline got dropped because of [the strike-shortened season], so we're going to consolidate it [into seven episodes]," the actress shared.

As such, look for the balance of episodes to feature picket-fence-to-picket-fence drama. "It will definitely be worth watching," says Strong, "because a lot of the juicy stuff will be jam-packed into every episode. You don't want to miss it."

The super-soapiness, she says, will "tie up Season 4 in a nice bow, so we can start fresh with Season 5." Or as Mary Alice, queen of the well-placed homily would say, "What's old is what's new again."