ABC is coming to the defense of its Desperate Housewives. In the wake of a scathing Vanity Fair expos&#233 that rips into TV's most famous quintet (that's Teri, Nicolette, Marcia, Eva and Felicity to you) for some very divalike behavior at a recent cover shoot, ABC has issued the following statement: "Our talent were made to deal as best they could with a situation not of their making. This one isolated incident does not define these women or their relationship." How ugly did things get at said photo shoot? Well, Teri Hatcher was allegedly reduced to tears while Marcia Cross, furious at Hatcher for trying to hog the spotlight with a zowie red bathing suit, reportedly told an ABC staffer, "Get your f---ing ass over here now and do your f---ing job!" She then pulled off her wig and revealed the mother of all scars.