Patrick Dempsey Patrick Dempsey

Is it true Patrick Dempsey is leaving Grey's Anatomy after next season? — Amy E., via email

I chatted up P. Demp at the MTV Movie Awards, where he was promoting his role as car-collecting mogul Dylan Gould in Transformers: Dark of the Moon (out June 29). "It's not in my court — it's up to ABC and [executive producer] Shonda Rhimes if she wants to continue," Patrick says. "I would love to have a discussion as to where I would like to go."

One thing that may sway him is if Derek and Meredith reconcile. (They split in the finale, as their adoption proceeded, after Derek discovered that Meredith had tampered with his clinical trial.) "I think there's a lot more room for them to develop as adults instead of being stuck in this adolescent dynamic," Patrick says. But he fears "it's going to be incredibly hard for them to get back together, because she's really betrayed him on a personal and professional level."

One scenario Patrick proposes: Derek as a stay-at-home (possibly single?) dad. Adds Patrick, "I think he'll probably be devoting more of his time to his child than he will to his work."

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