While I am delighted about the return of Michael he's one of my favorites the image from this episode that I can't shake is the wicked grin on faux-Henry Gale's face when he realizes that he has caused Locke to crack. I'm not sure what the endgame is for these Others, but that's just plain mean. At the very least, it was a way to get Locke to come out from his bunker and socialize with Rose. They are the two castaways who have benefited the most physically from their trip to mystery island... at least as far as we know. What's next we find out that Ana Lucia was blind and now can see? Have you noticed that they've really toned down her character of late? Or maybe it is just because she is sort of on the fringe of the story line and not the dominant and driving force. Anyway, I've gone completely off topic here. Rose's cancer has been cured, much like Locke's legs. I loved when she told John, "Honey, you and I both know it is not going to take that long," when he was lamenting about his recuperation. No wonder she doesn't want to leave. Though she might want to make a pros-and-cons list.

Pros: If I stay, my cancer is gone; beautiful location. Cons: There is a big scary monster, some equally scary people and lots of crazy stuff happening.

Even Bernard started to question the surprise food drop.
Ultimately, it was sweet that her devoted husband decided he'd rather have his wife around longer, and he gave up his escape plan.

Other random stuff: Vincent has returned was he with Michael all this time or off on his own? I get why Eko would want to build a church, but why on earth would he enlist Charlie's help? Does anyone else think Kate and Jack's snug trapped scene is surely going to lead to a real kiss next week? It is probably a product of the era I grew up in, but I can't hear "These Arms of Mine" without thinking about Dirty Dancing. Am I the only one? Is their any significance to the code D19FFTR731? And lastly, how come it has been two months on the island and we are just discovering the existence of Neil the frogurt guy?