Bill Cowher and Deion Sanders Bill Cowher and Deion Sanders

What movie makes NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders cry?

Thursday Night Football stars share memories of their very first game

"Rudy! I cried, man, I cried," he tells us in this week's video with the stars of CBS' Thursday Night Football. "The reason I cried was because I was the dude at Florida State who took care of the Rudys; they were my guys and were treated horrible. So when I saw that movie and Rudy finally got in, man, I lost it."

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Watch to find out the rest of the hosts and commentators' favorites, including which football flick inspired Tony Gonzalez to play the game!

Thursday Night Football airs at 7:30/6:30c on CBS, followed by New York Giants at Washington Redskins at 8:25/7:25c.

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