Drop Dead Diva Drop Dead Diva

Is someone on Drop Dead Diva dropping dead? "We have a big cliffhanger in the finale [airing Sunday, August 29], and I'm never sure how much to say, but we could lose someone," star Brooke Elliott told TV Guide Magazine at Sony's party for the Television Critics Association press tour.

But there are less morbid things in store before we get to that point, on what's left of Season 2. "You know how Grayson is now with Vanessa? That's going to twist and turn a little bit in the next five episodes, and Jane will be witness to all of this happening, so it's figuring out what to do with that," teases Elliott.

And then of course, there's the episode that guest stars the now single Bachelor, Jake Pavelka. Though Elliott didn't get a chance to work with him she did have some expectation that went unfulfilled. "He didn't propose to me, can you believe it?" she jokes. "I was like, that's ridiculous."

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