Dear Queer,
So this is it, huh? Five years and goodbye. Fine. Be that way. It's not like there won't be another like you to come along. Because, to crib your theme song, you cued the pulse to begin showing gays in a way previously rare on scripted television: As real people. Real fabulous. Real flawed. And real fun. Fittingly, Pittsburgh's favorite Friends of Dorothy went out with everything they were looking for. Brian found the heart to back out of the wedding so Justin could follow his rising art-world star in New York (though I never thought a band of gold was the kind of ring Mr. Kinney favored, anyway). And how about Ted drumming up the courage to bounce his bonkers, boundary-challenged AA beau and hit the slopes with Emmett instead? Or Mel and Lindsay heading for Canada to give their kids a better future? Brave move, bold statement. But it's Michael I'll miss the most: Not only did he have the brains to stop the human-rights campaigners from keeping Deb off camera during his press conference, he also knew that once he and Ben adopted Hunter, there'd be no place like home. So as our Liberty Ave. posse fills that fantasy-sequence Babylon for one last night of the thumpa-thumpa, as Mikey would say, I say thank you. It wasn't always perfect, but you tried. And for that, you should be proud. Just as you have helped so many others to be.
See you on the dance floor,