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Deal or No Deal
Things I dont like about this show? The whole "lets cut to commercial to build suspense." That really starts to get on my nerves. I don't like it when

Ryan Seacrest does it on Idol and I don't dig it here. I just wish it would move along at a bit of a faster clip. I'm suspicious of the shadowy banker  the way he sits up high and watches the proceedings. Is it even the same guy all the time? Is it even a guy? I'm also not fond of the way the families either egg on the contestants or try to dissuade them. It is distracting  Id like to see the people try to suss out the odds on their own. Probably a little less dramatic, but it would make it more interesting to me and more of a challenge for the participants. But there is a lot that I do like about the show: It's fun to try to calculate the odds and do the math. I cant help but wonder if the models had to have special training on how to open the latches of the briefcases. And if they practiced exactly how to open them at a tension-building pace. The contestants cracked me up. I liked the guy who considered himself unlucky and avoided getting greedy and still managed to take home a decent amount of cash. I also really liked Amy, who admitted that she was wearing her lucky bra. Even Howie cracked up at that and revealed that he was wearing his lucky underwear. Interesting. Guess I'll tune in again. Thankfully I've got TiVo, so I can fast-forward through the sluggish parts.