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Deal or No Deal
You know what would be fun? If the contestants had to dress up in silly costumes like they did on

Lets Make a Deal. That might help this show shed its overly dramatic image.

Howie almost had that bemused look that Monty Hall used to have when he could just tell that the people were making a crazy gamble. Howie shook his head and seemed totally flabbergasted when Daryl turned down a decent amount of cash for a long-shot chance at half a million dollars. I know Ive complained about the families, and trust me it annoyed me to no end when they got Amys little kids on the phone to find out what they thought... as if they had a clue what the heck was happening. However, I have to say that I liked Daryls brother, who in a weird way perhaps because of the way he was spouting his own random family philosophies reminded me of the dad on Everybody Hates Chris. He talked his bro into taking a deal because, as he so accurately surmised, We cant do nothing with 50 bucks. Well, Im still mildly entertained by this show. I just hope that they dont overexpose it like Millionaire. Once or twice a year for a week is just fine.