When it comes to solving the eternal mystery of what women really want, four years of playing hubby to Annie Potts on the female-dominated Lifetime series Any Day Now (airing Sundays at 10 pm/ET) have given Chris Mulkey more than a little insight. And now, he's ready to help his fellow man figure out the fairer sex. "I'm opening up a Collier Sims Academy for the Right Male," he chuckles to TV Guide Online in character, "and we're going to train those guys!"

Certainly, ladies across the country will rush to enroll their spouses on hearing the institute's founding father speak. "Since the show began, I've learned an incredible amount of patience," he admits, adding words designed to send shivers down the female spine, "as well as the ability to listen."

And while the actor says there's no big secret behind what makes his alter ego such a great mate ("He's steadfast, has a conscience, a good heart and is just a fun guy"), he remains tight-lipped about what viewers should expect in the weeks to come, offering only the cryptic clue that "big changes are ahead."

Now if only the would-be professor could solve the riddle that has befuddled him, not to mention trivia buffs, since his stint as abusive ex-con Hank Jennings on the cult series Twin Peaks. "That's the show that just wouldn't die, and people are always asking, 'What did the domino mean?'" he says, referring to the game piece his character constantly fondled. "But even I never knew the answer to that one."