Last night was such an incredible show all across the board on Dancing with the Stars!! I have to say that there was not one performance that I was not impressed with. And not one celebrity that I think did not improve since Week 1. Props to everybody for putting in so much work this week!

I could not be more proud of James and I as a team for what we were able to do in such a short space time. We only had a day and a half to get this dance together and on top of that, we had some added complications. We were supposed to do a specific scene from The Walking Dead, which had been cleared by the network, and then late on Tuesday AMC pulled clearance on the song! So most of my Tuesday was spent trying to find either a new song with a new dance style, or another TV scene that had Paso Doble. All of which were impossible to find, given the time that we had! In the end,we found a song that sounded like The Walking Dead and we were able to do something that was inspired by the show.

Sharna Burgess, James Hinchcliffe; <em>Dancing With the Stars</em>Sharna Burgess, James Hinchcliffe; Dancing With the Stars

I watched it back and I feel like James absolutely killed it. He was such a dominating male role in that number. Especially with three very tall, fantastic dancers dancing next to him. I still on Tuesday have no idea what our dance is for this coming week, but we are headed into our results show right now to find out who is going home first. It is really sad to think that the eliminations are beginning and we're going to start losing people. It always sucks to say goodbye to anyone that is a part of this cast and this family, however I think we all grew a lot closer because of the things that happened last week. In a weird way, all of that brought us all closer. I do not want to see anyone go home. I certainly do not want to see Ryan go home, but I know that that is the name of the game. Hopefully James and I did enough last week and this week to be able to stay on for a bit and win fans' votes, and ultimately take it all the way.

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James loves this experience and he is giving it his all! We have no more distractions and are fully focused on rehearsals! James is relocated and ready to give it 150 percent. We are so excited to take this journey on and I have to say thank you for voting, thank you for the love, and thank you for the support. My social media blew up last night with all of your love and support! I am just so incredibly grateful to you all for putting this huge smile on my face heading into Week 3 and making me so excited to continue to work with James. Team Stop and Go is unstoppable and we cannot thank you enough for the support and every single one of you taking the time to vote.

Dancing With the Stars airs Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC. A special two-hour elimination episode is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 8/7c on ABC.