Nashawn Kearse, <EM>Desperate Housewives</EM> Nashawn Kearse, Desperate Housewives
Dancing with the Stars
The producers must have heeded my warning last week, because I don't know how many times Tom and

Samantha reminded us that next week, the only time to see the dances will be on Thursdays like it's some revolutionary concept. So, powers-that-be, if you're reading now, my next request is that you keep the Thursday shows to one hour and stop cutting into my Earl time! On to the results. I believe Ashly was the only one truly shocked to hear that she and Master P were once again saved by the votes. Next week, I wouldn't blame the judges if they gave P a grand total of three points, so that the voting will finally count for nothing. It's a classic scenario, though: The general public identifies more with P and his two left feet than with these superhuman, multitalented stars who pick up a new skill in a matter of weeks. And with all that sad talk about journalists' tiny fan base, Giselle knew her days were numbered. Loved her great attitude about the experience. If P outlasts Drew or Stacy, however, there will be no peace in the 'hood.