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Dancing with the Stars
You gotta love a show that decides its demographic is so broad that it can have the Pussycat Dolls perform on it one week and (the man, the myth, the legend)

Barry Manilow the next. I'd like to picture teenagers and their grandmas watching together in harmony, reminiscing about Lola and her wild times at the Copacabana. And somewhere in between, there are folks like me, who tune in to see such unscripted gems as: Drew threatening to wear a rubber band and a peanut shell next week, and then Tom so quickly saying, "Most guys wouldn't admit a peanut shell would do the job." Also, during the first round of "who is safe from elimination," a sharp-eyed cameraman cut away to Edyta doing a full-on, two-handed bra adjustment. And thank god they played some actual Latin music for that sizzling world-champion mambo performance. Of course, seeing Tia and Maksim leave was sad, but we knew it was going to happen soon, and now she gets to spend more time with her baby. So what did Max mean when he said, "My problems are nothing compared to... " and trailed off? I know she hasn't done much acting in a while, but seriously, I hope being Tia Carrere isn't that bad! Sabrina Rojas Weiss

Ballroom dancing has made stars out of B-list celebs. Now see what it can do for you.