Melinda Clarke, <EM>CSI</EM> Melinda Clarke, CSI
Dancing with the StarsThis far into the competition, there's not really a question about who the top dancers are. So here's the dilemma we really face: Do we want to reward the top dancers who have natural talent and have practically mastered ballroom from Day 1? Or are we in this to see the unlikely stars struggle with a foreign task and slowly master it? Also, I'm wondering if there's another competition going on at the same time called "Camera Work with the Stars." That would explain the awkward tablecloth shot during the pros' opening demo dance. Here's a rundown of last night's dancing:

Jerry and Anna: ABC cashed in on the Super Bowl cross-promotion one last time. I bet Jerry would love to see his old teammates' reactions to Anna telling him to hold a quarter between his butt cheeks during the paso doble. The judges liked his carriage, but I'm with Len: not a very exciting performance.
Drew and Cheryl: It took all of three seconds for Drew to fix his big flaw, in the judges' eyes: those shrugging shoulders. And with that, he had the makings of a perfect 30 tango. Cheryl's back makes me want to take up dancing, and then I, too, would wear nothing but backless dresses every day.
George and Edyta: The whole story line of Edyta the rich dame seducing George the waiter made my night. George's dance moves aren't too fancy, but does anyone care? What word did Len mean to use when he said Edyta was "flatulating" around?
Lisa and Louis: The etiquette class certainly helped Lisa's posture and attitude. I couldn't believe this was the same shaky-legged lady we saw the first week. I find more entertainment value in her improvement than in Drew's and Stacy's consistency.
Stacy and Tony: To me, this was way better than their samba last week. It wasn't just flawless, it was lively and fun and suited Stacy's cute personality. No suspense with their 30; the judges have sort of backed themselves into a corner with these 10s.
Viennese waltz: Thanks, George, for putting slapstick back into this show. All that perfection wears out the people at home! Sabrina Rojas Weiss

Ballroom dancing has made stars out of B-list celebs. Now see what it can do for you.