Marie Osmond, for one (and for many reasons), had fans talking about the <EM>Stars</EM>. Marie Osmond, for one (and for many reasons), had fans talking about the Stars.

The season finale of Dancing with the Stars sure got you, the readers, talking ­— and not just about Helio Castroneves taking home the mirrored-ball trophy. The results of our poll asking whether you thought Helio deserved to win made it pretty clear that not everyone was on the race-car driver's side: Less than 60 percent agreed with the outcome of this season's Dancing with the Stars. While some of you were thrilled — like richmar, who writes, "I was overjoyed to see Helio win this one" and zortil, who says, "I screamed for joy! Helio was the best amateur dancer in the finale and that, to me, is what DWTS is all about" — others were less than enthused. "Super... the bean pole who let his professional dancer dance all around him while he moved his arms to the left and right won," grumbles sosgemini. "Now I know how Bush won the presidency... twice."

Julianne Is The New Cheryl
Since Helio's partner, Julianne Hough, is a two-time champion (having won last year with Apolo Anton Ohno), she is "now the new Cheryl [Burke]," observes bobby-j, "which means next season they'll start sticking her with the older contestants." (Burke won Seasons 2 and 3 with Drew Lachey and Emmitt Smith, and this year was paired with Wayne Newton. No comment on her partner last season, Ian Ziering.)

Mel B., or Not Mel B.
The second-place celeb had many supporters, like Shannonm93, who writes, "I was hoping and thought Mel B. deserved to win. Of those who were left, she was clearly the best." Actingup sounded off on male vs. female star dancers, a topic many readers weighed in on: "I am so peeved that Mel did not win. Why do they even have female celebrities on the show if they can't win?" Ctheslayer agrees: "I doubt another woman [after Season 1's Kelly Monaco] will win DWTS.... Even the judges have said women have a harder time in ballroom dancing because they have to do most of the work."

Was the Vote Rocked?
There were also lots of questions about how the final scores were actually achieved. Writes joy9585, "Although I'm glad Helio and Julianne won, how exactly did they win? Mel and Maks[im Chmerkovskiy] were the highest scores [Monday] night, and they tied [on Tuesday]. So if the viewers voted most for Helio and Julianne, wouldn't that be a tie? Were the viewers' votes counted more towards the final score?" Lots of theories explained the results, but ultimately, a whopping 73 percent of you think that Dancing with the Stars needs to change the formula which decides the winner, and an even bigger 89 percent agree that more weight should be given to the judges' scores in the weekly voting process.

The Wizard of Osmond
Whether you were in the Helio camp or the Mel B. camp, it seems that most of you were glad that a certain Osmond — who was criticized for her bizarre doll-dance in the finale and was recently accused of faking her fainting spell earlier in the season — didn't take the trophy. "Thankfully it wasn't Marie," writes TVGuides #1Fan. "Otherwise I would have been upset." Upset didn't begin to cover it for Shannonm93: "If Marie had gotten to the final 2 and certainly if she had actually won, I would've been irate, and last night would have probably been the last time I would've watched the show." Osmond's "attitude was starting to rankle" some, like DWilson. "I was really glad to see Marie go," writes ceecee. "Could she plug her dolls and her family any more? She was like Billy Ray [Cyrus] last year." And finally, "While it is awesome that the insipid Marie did not win," writes jules14, "the fact that she made it that far shows that, sadly, this is a complete popularity contest and not a dancing competition."

Cheetah Prospers
Another former front-runner, Sabrina Bryan — whose pro partner and now-boyfriend Mark Ballas performed last night despite a shoulder injury — still has lots of fans out there. "Judging from Mark and Sabrina's energetic cha cha cha... I would've loved to seen what they could have put together for a freestyle!" writes jlittlejohn. "I think the finale would have been so much more exciting had they been in it!"

As it is, 78 percent of you find Dancing with the Stars a heck of a lot more exciting than a little reality competition called American Idol, which starts up again on January 15. But don't worry — there will probably be plenty of Idol controversies to keep us all entertained till Dancing's back.

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