Drew Lachey, <EM>Dancing with the Stars</EM> Drew Lachey, Dancing with the Stars
Dancing with the Stars Have the celebrities completely forgotten that they're only competing for a great, big disco ball? They're so damn nervous and serious now. OK, it's great that they're dedicated and determined, and I'm sure being on the show has meant a lot to their careers and status at Hollywood restaurants. But get some perspective and pull yourselves together, people! You're already rich and famous.

Stacy and Tony: That Priscilla-Lola training cracked me up, and it kinda worked, too. I don't know if it was her dress or what, but she looked just the slightest bit uncomfortable in the shoulders during the quickstep. Amazing footwork as always (and the Tom Bergeron quote of the night to Carrie Ann: "You're the only person in the country looking at her feet!"). That turn at the end of the cha-cha rocked.
Jerry and Anna: The introduction of Anna's mom, Irina, gave my husband an excuse to exclaim "Trebunskaya!" at more frequent random intervals than he has been doing all season. Poor Jerry. Of course he knows he's not as good as the others do the judges have to rub it in and practically bring him to tears? It was a mistake to channel George in the tango. Much bigger mistake for the judges to tangle with Anna.
Lisa and Louis: Anyone else notice Lisa's Carol Burnett ear-tug in the intro? I bet it was her dedicating the performance to her parents (even though her dad said only to do so if she was going to score a 10). L&L's hard work has indeed paid off. I've never seen such a sexy fox-trot. Still, it looks like she's trying hard, and that's why the judges will always prefer Stacy.
Drew and Cheryl: Nope, white boy cannot move his hips. But Cheryl moved hers twice as much to make up for that. I agree with the judges: Their partnering is what makes them so darn entertaining. Now I'm getting sad that this whole thing is almost over! Sabrina Rojas Weiss

Ballroom dancing has made stars out of B-list celebs. Now see what it can do for you.