Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas courtesy ABC Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas courtesy ABC

When "Cheetah Girl" Sabrina Bryan and professional dancer Mark Ballas were voted off this season's Dancing with the Stars, fans made a public outcry at what they considered an injustice. Perhaps that's why the duo has merited a return appearance on this Tuesday's penultimate results show. "It's a huge honor for Mark and me," Sabrina tells TV Guide. "It's the first time they've ever asked one of the celebrities that was voted off to come back and perform within that season."

Better yet, the partners will be displaying their moves during a live performance by Avril Lavigne. Bryan says viewers can expect "a little bit of mambo, a little bit of rumba, some freestyle and some lyrical stuff as well." As for the grand finale, "Powerhouse lifts are definitely going to close down the routine." - Bekah Wright