Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas by Carol Kaelson/ABC Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas by Carol Kaelson/ABC

Not all the drama at Tuesday's Dancing with the Stars finale surrounded the crowning of a new winner. Pro hoofer Mark Ballas, who with Cheetah Girl/real-life love Sabrina Bryan wowed the crowd with a cha-cha, double-timed it to the hospital immediately following their performance. "Something funky was happening [with Ballas' shoulder]," says Bryan, who planned to beeline to the hospital after the show. "But he's a true competitor [and] he wanted to have our last performance. He was not going to let anyone know." Sports mogul Mark Cuban heard that Ballas has "a torn muscle in his shoulder, and it's really, really painful. It happens to basketball players all the time and it takes a while to heal."

Hopefully not too much of a while, or Ballas may have to be scratched from the Dancing with the Stars national tour, which begins mid-December. - With reporting by Deborah Starr Seibel

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