Joshua Allen by Joe Viles/Fox Joshua Allen by Joe Viles/Fox
So You Think You Can Dance champ Joshua Allen was last seen grinning ear-to-ear with confetti raining over him after his Season 4 win. Starting Saturday, fans can catch him - and the rest of

Dance's top ten - on tour in cities across the country. Despite the two-month-plus pause in public face-time, Joshua and his cohorts have barely missed a beat. They had just two weeks off after the show's finale before returning to the studio to prep for the tour, but for the big winner, the vacay was anything but restful. "I thought I was going to get to rest, but my mom pulled out this list of things that I had to do," Joshua told Describing his mom's agenda, he explained, "I met a lot of the people that voted for me, and saw family I've never met before, and went to my aunt's job and met some of her friends." He added with a smile, "It got to a point where I just went into my room and locked the door and went to sleep, because I was so tired!" But Joshua's time off wasn't all family-related. He got a key to his hometown and was honored by his home state of Texas. Oh, and there was a bash: "The reception was tight," he said. "They had a parade for me, and it traveled all the way to my high school. It was beautiful." Soon enough, though, Joshua reunited with his fellow Dancers to prepare what they all concur is the toughest training regime they've ever encountered - far surpassing the demands of Dance. "We have to push it," he said. "On the show, we only had two or four routines. This, I have 19 routines." The tour, he explained, will be highlights of some of the season's most memorable routines. For him, that will mean a reprise of "No Air," "Hometown Glory," and, of course, his mystifyingly athletic routine with Twitch Boss. Among the 30-odd cities the top ten will perform in, Joshua's most excited for his home turf of Grand Prairie, TX where, he said, his friends and family will be checking out his moves in person. "I'm going to try and show off a little," he said. "Throw some extra juice out there." With almost two months of non-stop shows on the road ahead of him, though, Joshua's anticipating the pressure - but remains undaunted. "We have to deliver," he said. "It's a little harder, but adrenaline's going to be a big help." Do you plan to catch the Dancers in your town? Or did you get enough of your Dance on during the show's season? - Anna Dimond Tap along to your own fave Dance routines (we know you have 'em) with our Online Video Guide. Related: " Dance's Top 10 Are "IV Real," and the Ink Proves It " So You Think Fox Will Dance a Fifth Time? Of Course! " Who Did America Think Could Dance? " Could Same-Sex Partnering Quickstep to Dance? " VIDEO: Think You Can Dance's Comfort and Will Sound Off " VIDEO: Mark and Chelsie Discuss their Dance Run