On Monday, comments from So You Think You Can Dance judge and choreographer Mia Michaels were reported here regarding dancers from Utah. Michaels, however, later issued the statement, below, to clarify her position.

Statement from Mia Michaels:
First of all, I have tons of friends who are from Utah and who are Mormons. I love them. I respect their choices and their belief system. And the fact that they don't have the same vices that we do is great. They're so focused in their lives. They're so clear. And they are workhorses. Their work ethic is just amazing. Any dancers that I've worked with in Utah? Oh my god, they do not stop.

And it's not just the dancers. There are so many great choreographers and teachers out there. More than a handful. A double handful. Whenever anybody talks about Utah, it's about how it's a really strong dance capitol. They have even better dancers than New York, sometimes. In New York, we get really strong Broadway dancers, theater dancers, concert dancers. But the dancers who come from a really solid dance state usually come out of Florida or Utah. Their dancers are trained at the highest level. I think it's because there's so much support there and it's so family based. I think it's really cool.

So I totally apologize if what I said came out wrong because putting down their way of life is NOT what I meant, at all. I think it's so admirable, what they do. I respect their way of life. I should take their advice. My sister and her husband are going to build a home and retire in Deer Valley, Utah. It's gorgeous there.

The bottom line is: Any dancer who came to me and said they came out of Utah? I'd say: Come on in.