Most Americans know Dan Stevens as the Guy Who Ruined Downton Abbey Because He Left After Season 3 and Eliminated Everything That Made Lady Mary Even Remotely Likable. But America, I have good news: Dan Stevens is back and it's OK to like him again. In fact, it's OK to love him.

After spending some time on Broadway and appearing in films like The Guest, Stevens returned to TV Wednesday as David Haller in FX's new X-Men comics-inspired drama series Legion. And he looked good. Like really good. If you haven't been paying attention to his career since he left Downton, you're in for the best kind of surprise.

Take a look at this transformation!

See? It's amazing. And honestly, America needs something to celebrate right now so it might as well be Dan Stevens' face. Let's take a look at the man he's become.

Here are a few images of him in Legion, in which he plays a possible mutant, possibly mentally ill man named David Haller:

You were saying?

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Yup, we're here for this.

Is anyone disturbed by this? No? OK, cool.

Just going to leave this here.

Legion is unlike anything you've ever seen

Here are a few images of Stevens promoting Legion:

Oh, hi.

Look at those eyes!

No seriously. Look.

And here he is in April 2016 at the Tribeca Film Festival:

If you were looking for a reason to watch Legion, I think you just found it.

Legion airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on FX.