Damn. Nancy sure p---ed someone off. Although I don't fully grasp what it means to have someone penny your ride, it looks pretty bad. Ditto for piling the pennies outside her home. What does it all mean? Does someone feel nickel-and-dimed? Heylia suggests to the naive Nancy that she has crossed another dealer, which probably happened when she encroached on the university market. And Celia had yet another turnaround. Who woulda thunk that she would ever promise "Isabelly" that they would raid the hospital vending machines? And later Celia's fractured family unites to expel her intrusive and overbearing mother from the household. But we finally see the origin of Celia's bitchy disease  apparently, it's hereditary! Finally Uncle Andy has bitten off more than he can chew, so to speak, when he beds down a nibbling sadist. Poor thing, she leaves him bruised, battered and, ultimately, missing his mojo due to the pain. He no longer has the drive, but Nancy commands that he continue since the nibbler is the mother of Shane's only friend. Her exact words? "You made your bed, now f--- in it." Love bites! Vanessa Rothschild

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