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Curb Your Enthusiasm has been renewed for an eighth season, HBO announced Tuesday.

"After much soul searching — and by the way, it was nowhere to be found — I have decided to do another season of Curb," creator Larry David said in a statement. "I look forward to the end of shooting, when I can once again resume the hunt for my elusive soul. I know it's here somewhere or perhaps in the rugged mountainous regions of Pakistan."

Larry David producing exclusive extras for Curb Your Enthusiasm on TV Guide Network

's long-awaited seventh season featured the first reunion of the cast of Seinfeld, and its finale brought in the show's biggest ratings in five years.

"Larry always loves to paint himself into a corner, and after the incredibly wonderful seventh season of Curb, you have to ask, 'How does he ever top this?'" said Michael Lombardo, HBO's president of programming West Coast operation. "But he always finds a way. We can't wait to see what he does in Season 8."

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In March, David said he was "leaning toward" an eighth season. Production on the 10-episode season will begin in the summer with a target for a 2011 premiere.

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Curb Your Enthusiasm will make its basic cable debut on TV Guide Network on Wednesday, June 2 at 10/9c.