CSI: Crime Scene Investigation If I had a foot fetish and was painting women's toes, I think I'd go for a bright green or maybe a purple. I'm not one to judge someone for liking women's feet (that's probably much more acceptable than what your neighbor is doing right now), but get a little creative with the color at least. Jeez, how boring is generic red? Probably about as boring as this episode, I suppose. Underwhelming compared to the S&M fetish with Lady Heather or the adult baby episode, last night's fetish seemed a bit normal. Now the whole filming-for-reality-TV thing was a unique perspective as we got a chance to look at the show like it was raw footage being filmed, but other than a few blurry shots and cameras moving with the investigators, it didn't enhance any aspect of the show. I was hoping to see the cameraman step in a puddle of blood or move a body for a better shot, and then watch Warrick go off on him. Instead it just seemed to take away from time that is usually spent on the evidence and interrogations. Unless I was dozing off at some point, it simply took some flowers, a little yellow swatch and a few smoke bombs to catch this perp. That's a little too easy for Grissom and the gang. I'm a huge fan of the show, so I think I'm allowed to be disappointed in an episode or two, right? On the flip side, Gil's little dig, "There are too many forensic shows on TV," made me laugh. Lackluster episode or not, the king of forensics shows hit that one square on the head. Who knows, maybe some time off for March Madness will bring back some much-needed energy after this snoozer.