CSI: Crime Scene Investigation As much as I love basketball, two weeks without my CSI really left me with an appetite for some blood splatter. So thank you, Jerry Bruckheimer

, for delivering the goods this week. This goes right up there with some of my favorite episodes ever. A 12-year-old girl outsmarts the entire crime lab! You can't beat the chilling look on Jorja Fox's face when little Hannah whispers in her ear, "I didn't kill Stacy." If you happened to be looking away at that moment, let me paint the picture. Think about the expression on your face when you just realized that you downed an entire triple cheeseburger in under a minute. No, no, no not the "Oh, I'm going to have a heart attack" look but rather the "I can't believe I just did that" face. Now multiply that by a million (give or take): It was that bad. Nick had the same look on his face in the courtroom. This pint-size genius creates reasonable doubt that her brother murdered a girl because she confesses to the crime while on the witness stand. Nick and Sara can't prove otherwise, so the case is down the drain. Rarely do you see the crime lab fail so miserably in their efforts. It really brings a smile to my face to know that these characters are not perfect after all. Or maybe they just failed to convict anyone because Grissom wasn't around to keep everyone in check. Who am I kidding? It was simply a little girl proving the power of an intelligent mind.