Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer

Charlie Sheen's character will not die from a "meat explosion" on Two and a Half Men, Jon Cryer says. But he does die — and it's funny.

"There is no meat explosion, just so you know; it's not some entrée that ends disastrously," Cryer told Los Angeles TV station KTLA on Tuesday. "I'm not allowed to say much about it. ... I will tell you, it's funny."

Ashton Kutcher's first Two and a Half Men episode features Charlie Harper's funeral

The CBS sitcom filmed its Season 9 premiere on Friday, but the cause of Charlie Harper's death was only mentioned as a type of "accident" in front of the studio audience. TMZ

later reported that Charlie was killed in a Parisian train accident, which it dubbed a "meat explosion." (For his part, Sheen told TMZ, "I am honored that it took something as large and violent as an oncoming train to terminate my character.")The season premiere will also feature Ashton Kutcher's debut as Walden Schmidt, an Internet billionaire with a broken heart. "They've managed to bring in Ashton in a really terrific way," Cryer said. "I mean, Ashton just did the show on Friday and just tore the roof off the joint. He was amazing."

Report: Two and a Half Men to kill Charlie Sheen's character

Cryer also expressed excitement at the new era of Men, having persevered through the drama that led to Sheen's dismissal last season. "It was an awful thing to be a part of and I'm glad that some measure of peace has come out of all of it," he said. "But I never want to go through it again."The ninth season of Two and a Half Men premieres Monday, Sept. 19 at 9/8c on CBS.Watch Cryer's interview: