Hugh Laurie, <EM>House</EM> Hugh Laurie, House

I was a fan of Crossing Jordan in its early days but fell off the bandwagon somewhere along the way. Due to the lack of new episodes, however, I decided to give this rerun a chance. It's still a good show, but now that I've fallen in love with Grey's Anatomy, I don't know that I want to make time for it in my weekly viewing schedule. But it is still kinda fun. I think Nigel should hook up with Angela from Bones. His whole facial-recognition software was just so slow; Angela would have had him up to speed in no time flat with her three-dimensional technology. And did Bug do something different to his hair? He looks a little bit cuter. I loved Woody wearing that silly T-shirt Sam gave him that said "The Last Virgin in Las Vegas... Be Gentle." I even watched my very first episode of Las Vegas to find out what happened with Woody and Sam. But if you want a recap of that show from someone much more qualified than I someone who watches that show on a regular basis  I suggest reading Bettina's review from when the second half of this crossover episode aired earlier this season.