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By the time you read this, Today's well-traveled Matt Lauer may well already be on his way to his next destination. This is the 10th anniversary of his "Where in the World Is Matt Lauer?" stunt (airing all week, starting at 7am), and as he tells our Stephen Battaglio, this could be his last.

The Laugh Track: Here's what's happening on CBS' comedies: On How I Met Your Mother (8/7c), Barney may finally be able to get out of wearing that hideous yellow duck tie, but freedom comes with a price. ... I'd suggest starting a drinking game for every time a "vagina" joke is told on 2 Broke Girls (8:30/7:30c), but who wants to risk alcohol poisoning? Max and Caroline earn extra bucks cleaning a hoarder's apartment, and I wonder how much of the junk reminds them of "junk." ... Watching Jon Cryer channel Charlie Sheen is the draw on Two and a Half Men (9/8c), as Alan has a schizo break when Walden's redecoration of the Malibu manse begins to remove all traces of its former owner. ... She may have left The Talk, but Holly Robinson Peete returns to walk the walk on Mike & Molly (9:30/8:30c) as a woman with whom Mike's partner Carl is desperate to score a date.

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More guests (it must be sweeps month): The big news on Fox's House (9/8c) is the return of Taub and Chase to the team — try to contain your excitement — but I'll be watching for the guest appearance of Battlestar Galactica/Law & Order: UK

vet Jamie Bamber as the patient-of-the-week, a pillar of the community who's been hiding lots of dark secrets, which inevitably spill out once he's admitted to Princeton-Plainsboro. ... They've been making beautiful music (figuratively) together for a long time, and on HBO's Bored to Death (9/8c), Ted Danson takes singing lessons from wife Mary Steenbergen, guesting as a "delightful pothead." Sarah Silverman also appears as a "friendship counselor," as Jonathan hopes to reconcile with George. ... Richard Burgi, gone but not forgotten from Desperate Housewives, plays a suspect on ABC's Castle (10:01/9:01c) in a case that takes the boys — Castle and the bromantic partners Esposito and Ryan — on a road trip to Atlantic City, where Castle arranges a bachelor party for Ryan.So what else is on? ... A meteor strikes the colony on Fox's Terra Nova (8/7c), knocking out all the power and tech, leaving the settlement vulnerable to another potential Sixers invasion. ... The remaining dancers on ABC's Dancing With the Stars (8/7c) each must perform two individual routines: one a ballroom style they haven't done before, and the second an "Instant Dance" performed to music they're only just seen. Will Nancy Grace even make it to the end of the show this week? America, give her (and us) a rest! ... National Geographic Channel's fourth annual "Expedition Week" is anchored by the four-part series The Witch Doctor Will See You Now (10/9c), in which adventurer Piers Gibbon travels to exotic lands and cultures to investigate regional remedies. First stop: Hong Kong, where Gibbon brings along people suffering with chronic back pain and a lack of the sense of smell to try traditional Chinese medicine, including tongue acupuncture and a glass of penis wine. Bottoms up?

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