Maybe it's time Heather Locklear paid The West Wing a visit. Despite its third consecutive Emmy victory, NBC's White House saga is purging viewers faster than The Drew Carey Show. (Compared to this time last year, West Wing is off 33 percent among adults 18-49.) The latest sign that President Bartlet's approval rating is dropping: Wednesday's episode was trumped in the ratings by a program on — yikes! — ABC! Yes, among adults 18-49, ABC's match-making reality series The Bachelor beat WW by 31 percent. (WW prevailed among total viewers 15.7 million to 12.8 million, but still.) Meanwhile, TV insiders are speculating that the show's rapid decline will likely have an impact on upcoming negotiations between Warner Bros. and NBC to increase the drama's license fee. "Warner Bros. is not going to get as much money as they originally thought," one high-level agent tells Variety. "Whoever bids really has to decide how much future they think the show has."